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Recommended links and working partners (in English language)

 In my work, I am indebted to everyone who has inspired, helped and criticised me. Thanks to projects in the Netherlands and abroad, I am continuously able to gain new experiences.
In the course of the years I have built up a large network of active people in the Netherlands and abroad who are highly knowledgeable in the field. I sometimes invite others to participate in a project or – having gained the client’s approval – hand on work to them because they are more suited for the task. In 2010 I have started a masterclass in order to hand over my knowledge, insights and network to others. In 2011 from this masterclass originated an expertisecentre (translated title: Boys Talent)
Mentioning the links below of course does not mean that I do agree with every syllable or aspect of these authors or projects, but I think they are worthwhile to visit.

Boys In Balance
For this purpose, for instance, I co-founded in 2000 the platform ‘Boys in Balance’. This platform consists of experts who want to do justice to the specific qualities and problems of adolescent boys. In 2005 we have organised a congress meeting in the Netherlands and the 5th of october 2007 there was a big conference ‘New Pathways in working with young men’. From then on we have organised a + biennial ‘Meet & Greet’ to pass over our knowledge and build connections to new people.  See also: (in Dutch only).

Rock and Water Program
I would like to draw your attention first to the Rock and Water/The Gadaku Institute (see, or a bi-lingual website and see also the page publications on this website). In ‘Rock and Water’, Dutch Freerk Ykema has developed a wide-ranging psycho-physical training programme for boys and girls, both in education and elsewhere. Boys particularly profit  from the inspiring way in which, via movement, they are stimulated to become more aware of their own energy, emotions and feelings, and to express these things so that they have a better comprehension of them and thus learn to give meaning to their lives.
I am proud to work as a consultant for this programme in the Netherlands, primarily in its implementation in areas outside education, for example in youth social work (for international contacts, please contact Ykema gives regularly 3-day trainings in Australia and New Zealand, in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, and possibly in the future also in the US and elsewhere. See his site.

Australia with Ian Lillicoe.  Via his site you can download many good texts on ‘Boys in schools’. Strongly advised. The Family Action Centre in Newcastle Australia is one of the Worlds outstanding developping centres in the field of boyswork and involving the fathers in education. Important themes are: ‘Boys in Schools’ (, Engaging fathers, School & Community Partnerships, Building resilience en ‘Strength-Based Community development. FAC is the organisator of the biennial Conferences Working With Boys, Building Fine men’ (since 1999 with every time more participants. The 4th conference, Melbourne april 2005, counted nearly 1000 participants). These conferences have developed as one of the worlds leading innovating conferences in the field.
4/5/6 July 2007 was the 5th Biennial Conference Working With Boys, Building Fine men, this year: ‘Stories of Success’ at the University of Newcastle, NSW (see;

England/Scotland   A very rich website on Men in Childcare. Click on that site for example on ‘Conferences’ and you’ll find valuable texts and PowerPoint presentations from a number ofr European conferences 2003-2005 on this theme. (From 2008- Kenny Spence – one of the men behind this site, Tim Moran – Men in Childcare Ireland – and I have revitalized the European Men in Childcare Network. See also:

United States Michael Gurian, known for his book ‘Boys and Girls Learn Differently’ A Guide for Teachers and Parents (see also on this site: literature) does with his colleagues important research on the development and education of boys and girls, he gives trainings in the US and abroad and publishes many books with a great practical relevance, rooted in scientific research. Strongly recommended, I’d wish that we had sommething like this in the Netherlands, this site is primarily dedicated to the US situations. The Boys Initiative has two electronic publications: The Boys Initiative Weekly News Roundup The Roundup is delivered Fridays, and contains information about all of the latest news, commentary, reports, surveys, issue briefs, charts, and fact sheets related to boys’ issues collected by our staff each week. The Boys Initiative Monthly Report The Report contains information on projects and activities of The Boys Initiative as well as those of other organizations that address boys’ issues. Dr. Warren Farrell is the author of many books, including ‘Why Men Are The Way They Are’ plus ‘The Myth of Male Power’. His most recent books are ‘Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say’, and ‘Father and Child Reunion’ about how fathers can be successful at both work and home.An important item in his approach is inner strength more than  ‘success at the outside’.  Helping boys to become successfull men. The mission of The Boys Project is to help young males develop their capabilities and reach the potential that their families and teachers know they have. The Boys Project seeks to accomplish for young men what the Girls Project so successfully accomplished for young women: to increase academic skills, to increase college success, and to develop the confidence, drive, and determination to contribute to American society. Dr. Pollack is a well-respected author of a number of books, including the well-received ‘Real Boys. Rescuing Our Sons from the Myths of Boyhood’, ‘Real Boy’s Voices’ (with Todd Shuster) and his new ‘Real Boys Workbook’. In many aspects a strong practice oriented book.