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. Founder of Platform ‘Boys in Balance’ and co-founder of Expertisecentre Jongenstalent (Boy’s talents)
. Trainer & Consultant Rock and Water/Gadaku Institute
. Member of (NL) eMANcipator (Men’s Emancipation 2.0)
. Member EU-Hermes project on Driver Education and EU Drivers Education Expert Group
. Member EU Working Group on Men & Masculinities at European Institute for Gender Equality
. Active in World Forum for Early Child Education & European Platform for Men in Early Child Education and care
. Various books (in Dutch)
. Active in media, conferences, and advisory groups (Dutch and International)
. Lecturer in various kinds of Social Work  (1975-2006)


Current Affairs

Men in ECE (Early Childcare & Education) ‘Get the good guys in and the wrong guys out.’ prevention of abuse embedded in good quality management.

The HERMES-project: new perspectives on dealing with learning in traffic via coaching: more responsibility and higher performance through more intense awareness

Home Working with  boys. Sensitivity for and dealing with differences in sex and gender in raising boys, Education, Learning in Traffic, Early Child Care & Education, youth social work.

Good work with boys boils down to: doing justice to boy’s specific developmental tasks (both from their biology as their sometimes onesided socialisation), freeing them from negative or even destructive messages and examples. Offering alternative solutions for their dilemma’s and problems: rewarding, positive and productive. Doing justice to both women and men. This can be in families, ities, schools, dribver education, everywhere.

Nature or Nurture? Good nurture asks for insight in nature in all its diversity. No boy is the same, no girl is the same. The perspective is Boys in Balance: Working with their qualities and their dilemma’s, or with risky and destructive behaviors. Lets not make problems where they do not exist… but many boys & (young) men  can do more and better than they do now; and girls can (and do) develop new qualities.

Lauk Woltring: 35 years experience in:

  • advice,
  • publicity,
  • research,
  • training and coaching.

Do you want to know whether I can do something for you: call 00 31 6 26 152 163 or mail to lauk.woltring@planet.nl or look further on this comprehensive site with my offers, cv, various portfolios, many texts, tips and backgrounds, literature and various links.

This website about boys and young men offers some orientation to those who are interested, to media and clients or customers. It contains study material for professionals and students. Clicking on an item in the top bar leads to an introductory page. Clicking on an item in the menu’s under the top bar leads directly to that page, with again an introductory page and possible subpages.

Development of boys What can boys do? What do they want? What makes them go? Fun, nosy, curious, energetic. “Let me do it!”: in search of control and own responsibility, pushing limits, sometimes too far. Trial and error, risks and danger. Seeking connections. Seeking goals. Rude or naïve. Sometimes selfish, sometimes noble. Everyone unique and in his own pace. Never the same.

Educators, teachers and facilitators can tune in on their energy, motives, dilemmas, with an eye to boy’s qualities and their perspectives. Be an example. Sometimes just curious; look and listen. Sometimes confronting and drawing lines. Sometimes encouraging, enabling. Support, transfer of knowledge, training, splitting up difficult tasks. Clear, some humour, offering them a way out, never humiliating and before anything else: being there.

Masculinity The world is changing rapidly. Gender relations are rightly shifting. Men have got to face it and be part of it instead of fleeing into resentment, defence or worse. What’s in it for boys? What can they offer? What can we offer to them? Regrettably boys are sometimes misunderstood, neglected in what they need, given bad examples and often dealt with in an reproachful and even repressive way. Use them or lose them). Just setting limits without perspectives is not enough. This does not help, is unfair to them and may turn against themselves and their environment. We have to help them to direct their energy in a constructive way. They did not make the world in which they were born, but they can contribute. I am a man myself with all possible flaws and qualities, not young, not old and with a lot of experience. Men can do much better than many do now. We can think about it, learn, and enjoy life in a better way. Our way may be different than women’s and has it’s own qualities. After all individualisation and alienation we have to find ways to a culture of cooperation. This everlasting search inspires me.

Research and development I used to write books and articles. Now my research findings, views, sources, comments and experiences are published here. It’s like a book, but in different layers, easy to navigate and with regular updates (new links, findings, contributions of others). This all is for free, no copyrights. It needs spreading, exchange and comments, preferably constructive. Please mention the source (www.laukwoltring.nl) with date and link.


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