Portfolio Self Defense & Dealing with Aggression

Last updated: 13/12/2016

·                Consultant for ‘Rock and Water’, a psycho-physical training for boys (book and programme by Freerk Ykema (publications). See: www.rockandwaterprogram.com (from 2002)

·                Research into the basis and implementation of Rock and Water in assignment to the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science (OC&W) and the Netherlands Care Research Organisation (Zorg Onderzoek Nederland) (2002)
·                Contributions to governmental and other campaigns about the prevention of sexual violence and other forms of aggression in various situations (relationships, domestic violence, school, street, night life).
·                Co-developer of ‘Action and Reaction’, a psycho-physical educational programme for boys about self-defence and sexual abuse of and by boys. (1993-1996)

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