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Few of my texts are written in English (in bold face).  To give you an idea of my publications, I have translated some Dutch titles into English.

  • Boys between Bravado and Timidity. Sex and gender specific work with boys (translated title of: Jongens tussen branie en verlegenheid. Sekse-specifiek werken met jongens) – Lemma, Culemborg 1988. Still available in some Dutch libraries. After earlier publications in the 1950s and the women’s liberation movement in the 1970s and 80s, this was the first book specifically about boys in the Netherlands. Considerable practical experience; the theoretical part considers, amongst other things, the triangle father-mother-son and social expectations regarding boys. Some chapters written by other writers (e.g. Trefor Lloyd from England, Franz-Gerd Ottemeier-Glücks from Germany and Mike Mooijen, Wim Kersten and Eelco Damen from the Netherlands).
  • “I’ll do it my way!?” Working with boys. Design for a sex and gender specific pedagogy (translated title of: “Dat maak ik zelf wel uit!?” Werken met jongens; ontwerp voor een seksespecifieke pedagogiek) – Coutinho, Bussum 1995. Many reprints with some updates, the latest in 2015. Report on a number of years of developments in work. Partially an update of the previously mentioned book, with more systematic reflection on actual practice and greater consideration for the interaction between nature-nurture and the maturation processes. In later prints, the latter part of the title has been changed to “…. Design for a pedagogy with feeling for sex and gender
  • Aggression in Traffic (translated title of: Verkeersagressie). Video and Teacher’s manual for the ANWB (Dutch Automobile Association) moped video Cool!? (ANWB, Den Haag 1997).
  • Sound self-management of energy (translated title of: Verantwoorde zelfsturing van energie) in: Achterhuis, Dupuis e.a., Traffic Ethics. Nine essays on the standards and values of behavior in traffic (translated title of: Verkeersethiek. Negen opstellen over normen en waarden in het verkeer, ANWB, Den Haag 1999).
  • ‘Thinking about traffic aggression in young people’ (translated title of: ‘Denken over verkeersagressie jongeren’ in Driving instruction (Rij-instructie) 34/2 September 1999
  • Feasibility study Rock & Water (Feasibilitystudy Rots & Water). Final report on research into the implementation and scope of the training programme Rock & Water in Secondary Education, Youth Work, Youth Care and Preventive Mental Health Care (translated title of: Eindverslag van een onderzoek naar implementatie en draagvlak van het trainingsprogramma Rots & Water in het VO, Jongerenwerk, Jeugdzorg en Preventieve GGZ) ZonMw, Rijswijk 2003. Builds upon an earlier feasibility study on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OC&W, Rijswijk 2003).
  • Boys’ pedagogy? Raising children with a feeling for sexual difference’ (translated title of: ‘Jongenspedagogiek? Opvoeden met gevoel voor sekseverschillen’) in Pedagogy, scientific forum for raising children, education and training (translated title of: Pedagogiek, wetenschappelijk forum voor opvoeding, onderwijs en vorming, Volume 23, no. 3, October 2003 pp. 175-181). Primarily an appeal to academics in the Netherlands.
  • Young Drivers Experience. Teacher’s handbook for an identically named video for the pilot project second phase driving license (translated title of: Docenthandleiding bij gelijknamige video t.b.v. pilotproject 2e fase rijbewijs) Regional Consultative Body for Traffic Safety in Gelderland (Regionaal Overleg Orgaan Verkeersveiligheid Gelderland, Arnhem 2004).
  • Everything under control. Teacher’s handbook accompanying video and teaching materials about the risks involved in driving a moped (translated title of: Alles onder controle. Docenthandleiding bij (video-)lespakket over risico’s op de bromfiets) Regional Consultative Body for Traffic Safety in Noord-Holland (Regionaal Overleg Verkeersveiligheid Noord-Holland, Haarlem 2004).
  • ‘Attending to the needs of boys: working with a feeling for sex differences (translated title of: ‘Aandacht voor jongens: werken met gevoel voor sekseverschillen. In: Ploeg, J.D. van der, & R. de Groot (red.) New roads in Youth Care and Education (translated title of: Andere wegen in jeugdzorg en Onderwijs, Lemniscaat (Ortho-serie: Inleidingen, monografieën en leerboeken op het gebied van de orthopedagogiek) Rotterdam, 2005). Very rigorous text, the most encompassing recent work by the author; contains many references to critical studies.
  • Promoting road safety by adopting a differentiated approach to addressing young male and female drivers (translated title of: Förderung der Verkehrssicherheit durch differenzierte Ansprache junger Fahrerinnen and Fahrer). Contribution to the Research and Report of Rolf Hoppe and Anne Tekaat, Planungsgesellschaft Köln, BAST Heft M165 Bergisch Gladbach, January 2005
  • Boys in traffic: learning and risk-taking, specific developmental tasks and education (in: Hartman. D., Educating Boys. The Good News, Newcastle (Australia) 2006 (see below, recommended literature); a very rich book with a lot of practical resources. Available via mail sent to:
  • Addressing Risk Taking Behaviour of Young Males in Traffic. Some notes on the Novice Driver Education Trial (for Australian Traffic and Security Bureau, July 2005)
  • Plus numerous articles, columns and book reviews in professional journals or books in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

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