Portfolio (Early) Child Education and Care

Last updated: 19/12/2016

·         Workshops and Training for Childcare services (from 2004) on paying attention to differences in sex and gender (workforce, middle management, top management)

·         Revitalizing the European Network ‘Men in Childcare’ (2008-2011)

·         Presentation of the European Network ‘Men in Childcare’ during the World Forum on Early Care & Education, June 2009, Belfast

·         Workshop ‘Men and Boys, use them or lose them’ (working title) during the World Forum on Early Care & Education: Men in Early Childhood Education, May 20-23, 2008, Honolulu (Hawaii, USA)

·         Programs about Youth Care in Social and Pedagogical Education (1975-2005) Amsterdam University of Professional Education (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)

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