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Last updated: 03/04/2017

Various Fields, Assignments and Tailor-made Offers

Tailor-made innovation, advice, coaching and training.

Over the last 25 years I have been able to contribute in many countries to increasing focus on the role, position, perspective and learning styles of young men in areas that cover education, traffic safety, youth services, the police and the law, health, research and youth policy.

This may look very broad – and in a way it is – but in each case ‘the possibilities of reaching young men and working with them’ is the key. As boys are not alone, and gender differences are not clear-cut, I pay a reasonable amount of attention to the perspectives and interests of girls and young women as well.

In the related pages (right column) you can get an idea of my portfolio in various fields or domains.

On demand I can offer various contributions to conferences, through workshops with training exercises and to the development of new policies. In trying to find solutions that suit your situation, my expertise varies from offering advice and training for everyday practice to broader policies and more fundamental research:

  • Analyzing problematic situations
  • Training, when possible coaching of professionals and volunteers
  • Adapting existing programs and developing new ones
  • Assistance in organizing conferences
  • Giving lectures and workshops
  • Helping to brainstorm and develop a vision
  • Policy recommendations and innovation
  • (Setting up) research, brainstorm on research plans.

Due to the distances and costs involved when travelling abroad, I have presented the core of my views and work on this website.

If you’d like me to come over and elaborate on my work in a specific field in a conference, policy advice or training, we can find out what I can offer by telephone, via Skype (lauk.woltring.innovation.advice) or through a medium of your preference. Please send me a message about what you expect in order to ensure focus in our conversation.

My fees are moderate; just enough to earn a decent living and be able to do research, to develop and spread this work. Because I am not partner in a bigger organization that covers the costs for my trips and conferences, travel and accommodation expenses are included (tourist class and fair hotels).

More information

There are no standard recipes for a more effective communication with boys and finer tuning of education, youth care or any kind of youth policies. At times it only requires paying more specific attention to boys’ needs within existing policies or programs, another time it is necessary to develop more specific programs or methods. Looking at an organization from another perspective however can lead to a total transformation taking place with real improvements in quality.

Where considerable energy is lost in imposing limitations on boys and disciplining them, another reaction to their behavior can transform that what used to be a problem into a source of strength or even inspiration.

Further information can be sent on request (publications, examples of assignments in specific sectors, and if desired, a more extensive CV and references). After consultation, I will make an offer based on your particular needs.

I am not looking for extensive business growth, but rather wish to concentrate on those tasks in which my qualities serve useful purposes and ‘to pass on the baton’ to the next generation. Sometimes my contribution is individual, but I also work together with others; sometimes with larger organizations who have more possibilities for implementation at their disposal. I always tune in to the already existing capacities and experiences within organizations.

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