Portfolio Traffic Education and Training

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Portfolio Trafic Education and Training

  • Introduction of HERMES-programme and Hermes-training in Belgium (Flanders) 2010-2011
  • National Road safety Conference (NL) 2010: presentation and workshop on the presentation of HERMES (from instruction to Coaching) in the Netherlands
  • 2008 and on : Membership EU/DG   Mobility & Transport (Former TREN) Expertgroup on Driver Education in Europe (consultation paper on Driver training and traffic safety Education for the EU)
  • 4th Conference in Driver Behaviour and Training (Cranfield University UK / Lisa Dorn) (Assistance in organization and) Presentation: ‘A safe driver is a learning driver‘ Amsterdam 24-25 November 2009)
  • Member European Hermesproject (2007-2010) ‘Optimal Pedagogical Skills for driving Instructors’ (High impact approach for Enhancing Road safety through More Effective communication Skills for driving instructors) (From instruction to coaching)
  • Jubileum Conference Prevention Routiere International, Assistance in Organization and Presentation at (Rotterdam June 2009): ‘A safe driver is a learning driver; gender issues and coaching
  • 2008-2009 Assistance in development of a new youth policy of VVN, the Dutch Road Safety Association
  • 2008-2009 Dutch Police: Contribution on development of a digital manual for enforcement of alcohol policies
  • Seminar Addressing Risk Taking Behavior of Young Males in Traffic Launceston, (TAS) Australia nov. 2007
  • Participation in Development of the Novice Driver Trial, Victoria & NSWales, ATSB, Australian Traffic & Security Bureau (2005)
  • Invited Advice on OECD/ECMT-report ‘Young Driver risks and effective counter-measures’ (2005)
  • Contributions about ‘Young people in traffic to governmental departments and traffic organisations (in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria and Australia) especially regarding high-risk behaviour, aggression, alcohol, ethics, endurable enforcement and ‘Learning ín traffic
  • Various trainings of driving instructors (in dealing with boys training for moped licence; training for car license; traffic educational programs in schools)
  • Participation in NovEv, European pilot 2nd phase driving licence
  • Development of low key (video-)programmes with teacher manuals regarding risk taking behaviour of young men (‘through their eyes’ and ‘over their shoulder’) on moped and in cars
  • Integral and some more focussed policy consultation on youth and traffic to the Dutch ministry of transport.