Curriculum Vitae

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Curriculum Vitae


Born in Amsterdam
Grammar school in Amsterdam
Master’s degree in Political Science (University of Amsterdam and Free University) with distinction. Research Assistant (1) Public Administration (2) Peace and Conflict Research (3) Political Education and Experience Based Learning
Training periods in youth work and education
Teacher Cultural Work at the Social Academy of The Hague
Deputy-Head and sub. Head of the Karthuizer Social Academy (Amsterdam)
From 1983
Teacher Socio-Cultural Work / Socio-Pedagogic Care
From 1984
Initiator/coordinator of the M.A. course Youth Care 12+
From 1985
Initiator and project manager of “Working with Boys
From 1986
Various external development, advice and training assignments for the University of Professional Education, Amsterdam, Dept. of Contract Activities
Publication of Boys between Bravado and Timidity. Sex and gender specific work with boys (translated title of: Jongens tussen branie en verlegenheid. Seksespecifiek werken met jongens) – Lemma, Culemborg 1988
Publication of “I’ll do it my way!?” Working with boys. Design for a sex and gender specific pedagogy (translated title of: “Dat maak ik zelf wel uit!?” Werken met jongens; ontwerp voor een seksespecifieke pedagogiek) – Coutinho, Bussum 1995
Private expertise agency Working with Boys, setting up Platform ‘Boys in Balance’. Various Projects in childcare, education, youth social work and learning in traffic,

Untill 2006 I have been working at Amsterdam University for Professional Education where I was dedicated on youth care in the broadest sense. Since 2006 I spend all my available time to Innovations, Advice and Coaching on the theme ‘Young men’.


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