Driver Training and Road Safety Education

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 DRIVER TRAINING and ROAD SAFETYEducation (update 14-5-2014)
·         The EU HERMES-project on coaching in Driver Education(weblink)
Hermes = High impact approach for Enhancing Road safety through More Effective communication Skills for driving instructors. HERMES is a European project (2007-2010) in which experts from 10 European countries collaborate in developing new and more effective methods for driver education.
The full output of this project is free available in German and English via this link. (DVD, Manual, Scenario’s etc.). The EU is considering translation in all EU-languages. Coaching following HERMES-principles differs sharply from the often used buzz-word coaching in top sport and competitive business: Coaching is a learner-centered method that engages body, emotions and mind to create inner and outer awareness and responsibility with an equal relationship between the learner and the coach.
·        Self regulation in traffic and psycho-physical education(Lauk Woltring) Paper delivered at 4th International Conference on Driving Behaviour and Training, Amsterdam 24-25 November 2009 (now, in 2014, I still regard this as my most comprehensive text in English on Driver Training, including the basics from where we have developed the HERMES-project.)
·         A definition of Coaching for Driving(by John Whitmore)
Written 17/10/08 by John Whitmore for the EU-Hermes-project (developing new ways in driver training) & for the EU expert group on driver education and road safety of DG TREN (Brussels)
·        A Safe Driver is a Learning Driver
Hand out of a presentation given on the 3rd International Conference on Driving Behaviour and Training, Dublin 12/13 November 2007

Some fundamental concepts about:
o   Motives, self-concept, self awareness and Learning behaviour of young males in traffic
o   Gender sensitivity in driver education
o   Learning to obey or learning to learn…? (after all driver education is just a first step in a driving career……)

Some notes on the Australian Novice Driver Education Trial. An elaborated version of a paper originally written for the Australian Traffic & Security Bureau, july 2005. updated begin 2007. In this text I develop my notions on coaching in driver education. If quoted, please mention source and website ( WJ6 144 paper.draft7/28-2-2007.
Paper for the 4th Biennial Conference ‘Working with Boys, Building Fine Men’ From Practice to Practice Melbourne, Australia 3-5 April ’05. This text is intentionally not protected by copyright. If copying, please mention the source and site

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